15 January 2013


Hey, everyone.

So this post is an announcement to say that Waking Up Famous will be on haitus for an indefinite amount of time.

Writing this has been difficult for me as I'm having trouble putting emotions to words but I'll try to my best. Waking Up Famous is a dream of mine. A dream to write a successful blogzine but for awhile now, I have no clear path, well actually I know I can do it but there is no motivation on my end to start. So at this point of time, I'm putting this dream on hold and while I determine if this dream is worth saving or even if I want to continue blogging, I will no longer post here until I answer that question.

My purpose now is to rekindle the love I had for blogging and the one way I could think of is to go back to how I used to do it. Personal, raw and haphazard where I feel free to write about anything and everything I want without the rigid rules I set for myself with Waking Up Famous.

So if you still would like to read what I write, I'll be writing at http://www.janessasanio.blogspot.com. Hopefully, I'll see you there and say hi to me.


17 October 2012

Blog Branding: Getting Started

The reason why I'm doing this is because at work, I've worked with various corporate clients and what I really admire about them is that they take their corporate identity seriously. From the fonts, the placement of logos right down to the gradient and exact color matching. They have such strong branding that whenever you see their collaterals you know right off the bat that its from that company. That's what I want for this blog. I want it to be easily identifiable with a strong branding. Pretty ambitious but I love my blog, its been my baby for years and I've been neglecting this aspect of it in a long time.

 To start off, as with any projects in I take on in work, I ask questions from my clients. I thinks that's a pretty good way to start off. Well except that I'm my own worst client. I can never really decide on an idea. So I've listed down some questions and tried to answer answer them.

Why do I blog?
What do I blog about currently?
Is there anything I'd like to change in terms of what and how I want to blog? Where do I see my blog going?

As I sat down to answer these questions I realized that it took sometime to really honestly answer these questions.

So if you're curious, here are my answers.

Why do I blog?
I love writing. That's one of the main reason why. I'm a little bit of an exhibitionist/narcissist, I want to share certain aspects of my life and I want to claim my own little corner of the ever expanding world wide web.

That was a little difficult to write but if you're stuck, why not read Joshua Becker's 15 Reasons I thinks You Should Blog.

What do I blog about currently?

I'm embarrassed to say, not much. There is no structure. I blog about what I love. Which is not a bad thing or something to be embarrassed about but well the next question answers why I'm embarrassed about it.

Is there anything I'd like to change in terms of what and how I want to blog? Where do I see my blog going?

YES! This was a little difficult to answer. So another question I asked myself is, what am I inspired by?

1. I'm inspired by design. I love anything thing that's aesthetics, from art to graphic design to beautiful well crafted products.
2. I'm inspired by people who live creative and exciting lives.
3. I'm inspired by living. Enjoying the simple things and the finer things in life.
4. I'm inspired by exploration and discovery and when I can finally afford it, I would love to travel.
5. I'm inspired by Mr. Wonderful.

Then I realized, Hey! I've found what I should blog about!. So in short, I want to blog about my inspirations, aspirations and my adventures in life.

BUT.. I never intend Waking Up Famous to be a personal personal blog. I may be slightly narcissistic but I'm not too comfortable writing everything about my personal life. (I told you I'm hard on myself)
So Waking Up Famous is going to be more of a lifestyle inspiration blog/guide.

Then another question popped up, Who is going to read my blog?

Hopefully like-minded people who aspire to inject creativity into their lives.

So to sum up the question of where do I see my blog going or how I want my blog to be seen as,

Waking Up Famous is a blogzine about inspirations, aspirations and finding adventures for people who are adventurers at heart.

That's so ambitious of me! A little daunting but exciting at the same time!

So here's a screenshot of what my blog looks like now. Do the same for yours if you're going to follow me on this project and at the end of it, we'll do a comparison.

For the next post, I think we'll go more in depth with the nitty gritty details of how my blog will operate. A little boring and a little technical but after that, its going to be fun where we jump into the design process. The next post should be up on Saturday? I don't think its necessary to wait a whole week to move on to the next topic as this first step will likely take only a couple of days. So keep a lookout for that!

16 October 2012

Blog Branding: Introduction

Okay, I know, I know, I've said this many many many many times.

I want to revamp Waking Up Famous. I pinky swear I'll stick to it this time.

So here's the deal. Its not a how-to, or a guide, more of a chronicle of sorts of the processes I go through to achieving the outcome. With each post, I'll list my resources, ideas and tips should you wish to go about revamping/branding your blog and the exciting part is that you'll see these changes happen as I progress!

If you have any tips for me, please please please comment or email me at janessa[at]wakingupfamous[dot]com.

There's no fixed schedule on the updates BUT I'll try to update once a week. And my deadline for completing the revamp/rebranding will be on 15 January 2013. Maybe I'll plan something really awesome like a blog party once its complete.

So my first post will be up tommorrow! Do keep a lookout please! I'll list down all the updates one by one as we progress here.

15 October 2012

Monday Blues

So Monday, we meet again and... I can't be bothered to come up with something witty.

I miss the weekends.

12 October 2012

TGIF: Beer vs Wine

Today is the last day of work for my colleague. :(

And tonight we're going out for dinner and possibly drinks! Yay!

So the the question came up over wine and beer. I vote beer. I'm not really a wine person (but I love bubblies)

My favourite beers? Corona. Of course I drink darker lagers but Corona is perfect for the tropical climate here in Singapore.

So what's your preference when it comes to Friday night drinks? Wine or Beer? Maybe even cocktails?

11 October 2012

Scary Beautiful: The Video

I think this has been going around the web. Its a pair of shoes designed by Van der Vyver who recently graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam.

You can read more about why she designed this from her portfolio on Cargo Collective here.

Here's the one question that popped probably popped into your mind.

"How do you walk on those?"

10 October 2012

Happenings: Ultimate Hawker Fest 2012

Usually after the Singapore GP Season, things goes to a lull until Christmas season starts in late October.

But the Ultimate Hawker Fest 2012 seems like an interesting event to attend.

(For non-local readers, Hawker food is the bomb-diggity!)

There's  twist to the Hawker Fest. The food will be prepared by local celebrity chefs using premium ingredient. I'm kind of hesitant because the beauty of hawker fare is that its not fancy. I'll be there anyway to just try it out and see if these Chefs can capture the flavour and authenticity of the food. Well other than that, its for a good cause!